GREED - OPERA (2011)

A kind of irony of desire, mixing the gastronomic appetite with the carnal attraction. In this group of works, as in everything I've done, the nude is the protagonist.

This time the human figure is immersed in an atmosphere of satisfaction, abundance, fruit, food, colors, fabrics ... where I try to translate almost equally the sensuality of human skin like a velvet. I try to mimic the attraction causing by woman's breasts with the roundness of an apple. The beauty of the feet with the perfection of a bunch of grapes ...

In a direct association with the passion, the color red is recurring.

The idea is to highlight the basic senses of man. The usual. Those that are peculiar to their nature.

No more message than this. Any other interpretation is conjecture.

The aim of this subject is none other than the hitherto governed my painting: A form of creation in pursuit of beauty, rescuing Renaissance themes and techniques, but hinting a contemporary look.


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