I born in Buenos Aires on September 6, 1961.

My father, Jorge Perrone, was a writer, poet and historian ... I think the most remarkable person I ever knew. Surely his attitude towards life and respect for art, propped my vocation. At age 15 I began studying painting with Professor Carlos Cañas in his studio in Barracas. In the late 70's I entry into the National School of Fine Arts Manuel Belgrano. There I had teachers like George Wacu, Pearl Feijoo, Aida Carballo, Castex ...In that time I also studied photography with Willams Freddes.

In terms of work, I start working on creative work with textiles. So I went through different companies: Textil Le Mans, Castelar, Estampería Albalonga... and Sedamil S.A.C.I., where I manage their product and design department. After a period retired from art, I got back and decided to expose in 2008.

In July of that year I made a individual sample at the Galery Isidro Miranda, headquarters, where I presented more than 12 large-format oil paintings, curated from Julio Sanchez. In October 2009 another particular individual sample. With the name "Venetian Carnival" I exposed in the "Gabriel Del Campo Anticuario", Puerto Madero, more than 15 works including oil paintings on canvas, oil on wood and furniture seized. In this exhibition are acquired 9 works. Also in 2009, during December, I participated in an exhibition in the Gallery Lordi. THere my work is sold, as other colleagues (Felipe Noé, Kosice, Eduardo Hoffman, Milo Locket, Brizzi, etc.) to benefit the ALCESI foundation, Ricardo Gutierrez Hospital.

In June 2011 expose in the gallery "holz" street Arroyo. Again a single sample, where 12 oil paintings presented under the headings "Gula" and "Opera".

2012, April 13 to June 25 in "La Compañia", expound on wood cinders eleven and three large-format oil paintings. This series is called "anatomy"

In 2013 I made a solo show presented from April 26 to May 17 in the gallery Holz, this series is titled "Circus Rings".

From August 29 to October 31, 2014 in "The Company" I present in a sample individually the "Duel" series.


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